School Vision, Mission, Colors, Mascot, Hours

At Seven Hills Elementary we empower learners to be leaders by developing the whole person. As a community, we will aim high and persevere when the work is hard, knowing that together we WILL accomplish greatness.

In preparation for future success, every student will leave their grade at or above grade level, no matter where they start, and all stakeholders will work in partnership to create a school where everyone feels valued, cared for and empowered to lead their own learning.

Core Beliefs:
At Seven Hills Elementary we believe:
• Everyone can be a leader
• Everyone has genius
• Educators empower students to lead their own learning
• In developing the whole person
• Change starts with me

The Principles of Learning:

  • Effort produces achievement.
  • Learning is about making connections.
  • We learn with and through others.
  • Learning takes time.
  • Motivation matters.

The Principles of Teaching:

  • The teacher matters.
  • Focused teaching promotes accelerated learning.
  • Clear expectations and continuous feedback activate learning.
  • Good teaching builds on students' strengths and respects individuals' differences.
  • Good teaching involves modeling what students should learn.

The Principles of Curriculum:

  • The curriculum should focus on powerful knowledge.
  • All students should experience a "Thinking Curriculum."
  • The best results come from having an aligned instructional system.