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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Thank you for your patience. Our arrival and dismissals are running very smoothly, and you are a big part of that success! We are averaging 130 cars at dismissal each day and more in the morning. We have a few reminders and tips to help ensure a safe and efficient routine for everyone.


  • Students cannot be dropped off at school before 7:20 am. There are no staff on duty until 7:20 am.
  • The front parking lot is designated for buses, daycare buses, and PK/ECSE/PACEE drop offs from 7:20 - 7:40 am.
  • If you arrive to drop off after 7:40, please come to the front of the school. There are no staff on duty in the back after 7:40 am.
  • If your child is a car rider AND eating breakfast, please plan on arriving at 7:20 am. Our school day begins at 7:40 am. Students need to have time to go through the breakfast line, eat, and get to class.


  • We are finishing with car rider lines at approximately 3:20 every day. This is outstanding, considering we have added approximately 50 cars to the line (compared to last year)
  • Please note that on rainy days, the line will take longer.
  • If your family needs a second car tag, please contact the front office.
  • If you arrive after 3:20, you need to come to the front office to pick up your child.

Please see the pictures posted below for additional arrival and dismissal reminders.

arrival and dismissal