First Grade Expectations

First Grade Expectations

At the end of the year the average first grader should be able to:

Language Arts

  • identify all letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • alphabetize by the second letter
  • accurately read a level J book and comprehend what they read
  • read with fluency (40 wpm)
  • use a variety of strategies to read and comprehend text
  • recognize and read high frequency words including irregular words
  • apply letter knowledge to read unfamiliar words
  • understand story structure
  • listen to and discuss a story and respond in various ways providing evidence for their thinking 
  • write in complete sentences
  • write a story that includes the beginning (setting, characters), 
     middle (3+ events), ending 
  • correctly uses basic capitalization and punctuation
  • correctly applies knowledge of grammar and usage
  • spell words using phonetic rules
  • blends and segments parts of words
  • use the writing process (plan, compose a draft, revise, publish) when writing
  • write legibly


  • add and subtract sums to 18
  • read, write, and compare whole numbers up to 120
  • explain their problem solving process and justify their thinking
  • uses a variety of ways to solve problems
  • identify and describe 2 and 3 dimensional figures
  • constructs and interprets data using tables and graphs
  • time to the hour and half-hour on analog and digital clocks
  • orders events according to duration
  • understand and use different modes of measurement
  • constructs, identifies and extends patterns
  • counts in multiples of 2s, 5s, and 10s
  • identify coins by name and value
  • finds the value of a combination of up to five coins
  • understands place value: ones, tens, hundreds
  • identify fractions whole, half, thirds, and fourths
  • distinguish odd and even numbers
  • identify events as (certain to or impossible to) happen
The students will investigate and explore using the Scientific Method in the following units of study:
  • Comparing and Measuring
  • Heat and Change
  • From Seed to Plant
  • Weather and Seasons
  • Magnets
  • Rocks, Soil, and Water 
  • Life Cycles
Social Studies
The students will research and learn about our world using the following topics:
  • All About Me
  • Freedom Week
  • USA
  • Texas/Maps
  • Community Helpers/Citizenship
  • Native Americans/Folk Tales
  • Customs and Traditions Around the World
  • Wants and Needs
  • Goods and Services
  • Historical Figures USA/Texas

Conduct Expectations

  • Follows the expectations of the student generated Social Contract
  • Read a minimum of 20 minutes each night
  • Complete and return homework
  • Shows responsibility by returning their binder and reading books daily
  • Be on time and prepared for school each day